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For support

Please contact the general global distributor Scandinavian Vintage Furniture AB at

ATT: if you are situated in North America, please turn directly to our agent Malefors Vintage Imports with stock of Fagas straps in Arizona.

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Location: PTV Sweden AB. Chapmansgatan 12. 41 454 Gothenburg. Sweden

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Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
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Question: What is the difference between Fagas and other rubber webbing such as Pirelli?
Answer: : Since the 1950s, Fagas is a patented rubber band with bonded metal fasteners which, after 60 years of production, have shown to have a long product life. Other elastic bands, as well as Pirelli bands, have a woven material inside the rubber which also have good supportive qualities but a shorter product life.

Question: How do I order the correct band length?
Answer: You can find easy instructions here.

Question: Should I just order the same band number that is on my old bands?
Answer: It can work but it is always a good idea to use this link thereby insuring you have the best Fagas strap for your furniture.

Question: What can I do if I order the wrong size?
Answer: You can always exchange for the correct size. Simply email and include your name and order number. We will contact you shortly with easy instructions to make a return.

Question: How long do Fagas bands last?
Answer: The factory guarantee is for 5 years, but after 60 years of production we can say that Fagas straps will last for 20-30 years when used correctly in an environment between 15-25 degrees celcius.

Question: What kind of rubber are Fagas straps made from?
Answer: Fagas straps are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber.

Question: It says ROTEX on my old straps. What is that?
Answer: There was another manufacturer of rubber webbing straps similiar to Fagas called ROTEX. These can often be replaced with Fagas straps.

Question: My old Fagas straps have a metal plug instead of and angled metal fastener at the ends. Can I order these through PTV?
Answer: Sadly, no. These webbing straps are no longer in production.

Question: I have a piece of furniture by Hans Wegner, produced by Getama in Denmark, which has dried out yellow/beige straps with 38mm metal fasteners. Can I replace them with Fagas straps?
Answer: No, but you can order the original straps produced by Getama through PTV. Just email your request to:

Question: At the end of my old straps is the logo DUX. Are these the same?
Answer: Before, furniture producers would have their own color of straps with their logo stamped in the rubber. Today, all the straps are light grey and there is only the Fagas logo on them.